Our Services

Our Services

Online research

Our online research is the most effective and cost efficient way to collect quantitative market research data.

Connecting millions of people worldwide, we can interview a wide range of consumer and business audiences. Mars has access to B2B, B2C and HealthCare Panels for market research.

Our Expertise:

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Health Care

With prowess in quantitative research, Mars crafts more practical, multi-layered insight approaches. To help our clients to measure business or research problems, we initiate numerical data that can be transformed by statistical analysis. Our quantitative data collection methods assess attitudes, opinions, satisfaction, commitment and a range of other market data which is tracked over time and used to generate insights as part of a wider business planning and business strategy process through various methodologies. With adept communication skills, telephone interviewers are committed to building rapport with consumer and business respondents.


Mars CAWI is the foremost habitually utilized strategy for data and information gathering. Mars offers robust and cost-effective methods to deploy inbound and outbound surveys to a broad audience. Our experienced interviewers who have been extensively trained and educated on quantitative market research. Our interviewers also undergo project specific and mock interviewing sessions to help maximize the gains from the project at hand. Whether you want to undertake 1000+ interviews or just a handful, Mars team is here to help you and gives you confidence to complete the project within the timeline. 


Mars with its highly trained and consummate professionals has successfully conducted numerous Computer Assisted Personal Interviews with difficult to reach audiences where online strategies are less possible but target respondents' opinions and insights play an important role in decision making.

With our proprietary panel and trusted partner for B2B and B2C, we have successfully conducted CAPI research beyond the globe. Mars CAPI is simply designed in order to make it easier for conducting surveys from the very beginning.


Mars CATI data collection experts have multilingual and cross functional skills that drive them to multi-geography projects. Our robust and seamless technology and multi-national interviewing experts accomplish market research projects that conform to high-quality standards.